You’re looking for your prince. If he insists on being the ugly frog, let him be happy!

It’s hard until we can learn a little about how love works between two people. And just when we think we managed to catch things a little bit, something happens and it seems like our whole world is turning 180 degrees, because our Handsome Boy disappears from the landscape for who knows what cause … that no he’s had enough of beer since I appeared in his life, that he can’t hang other Ilene Consânzene, that he doesn’t have the budget to ever have a 3-day, 3-night wedding … and more and more they still spin through the undecided liar.


My dear, it’s hard until you get there and discover that the beautiful exterior doesn’t always harmonize with what’s inside, and until then you might have something to suffer, but if you really want to find the prince in the story, you have to to look deep inside … even if everything looks fine outside. You don’t pull him out of his universe if he doesn’t fit yours, don’t force him to be ignorant if he clings to this thing … no matter how much you think you’re helping him.


If he declares to you both in the moon and in the stars, but does absolutely nothing about it, if for him the ideal relationship involves your continuous suffering, do not bother to ruin his happiness … just leave him and look for her too yours. Let him be a frog if he doesn’t want to be your prince. Don’t bother to change it, because somewhere in the world there is someone who will love and appreciate you. Let your frog run in the world, make friends with other frogs, stay on the lake with other frogs, but don’t bother to enter his world if you don’t fit in there …


You will miss him at first, but after a while you will realize that there is no point in taming a stubborn amphibian and you will start looking for someone who will fulfill all your dreams.


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