You won’t believe what record this mother managed to set – she will never be forgotten for sure

We all have a mission on this earth and we feel that we must leave something behind, to be remembered by those who remain after us. Whether it is something great or something banal, we must leave something for this humanity.

As time passed, many bright minds managed to make significant changes in this world and make our stay here more comfortable and easy. Have you ever considered setting a world record?

It’s not easy at all, but with enough devotement and dedication, anyone can do it. This woman, on the other hand, thought about something totally different. A record that nobody tried to break. Make sure you read until the end of the article.

To break records, people make push-ups, build toilet paper towers, and put on more than two hundred t-shirts in a minute. This woman wanted to be totally different and chose something else.

She combined the useful with the pleasant, but if you take a few moments to think about it, it’s really weird and uncommon. Because her mother always made her feel useless since she was a young girl, she decided to leave something behind.

So she did. Fourteen kids. That’s not the reason for her record, just continue reading and you won’t regret it.

Anita Sulivan has made each child with a different man. That’s right, 14 relationships, 14 different men, personalities, and circumstances. How?

Well, she wanted to explore and wanted the best for her. So she kept looking. But she wanted to leave something behind, after each break-up, so she remained pregnant. She said:

“I am terrible at choosing the right person for me, but after so many attempts, I finally found the right man that treats me well!”, Anita said, when she finally found the right person.

Anita Sullivan is the mother of fourteen kids and has a special place in the Guinness Records 2017 with her unusual idea. She seems to be happy and sure her husband is proud of her.

We wonder if the other men know in what special project they were included… We are sure that her mother is proud of her and she must be convinced of her daughter’s abilities after all is very hard to find someone trustworthy and good nowadays, she had a good reason.

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