You Think You’re Right? 8 Myths About LGBTQ Rights That Will Shock You

Howdy there, folks! Mary here. Now, don’t go turning away just because of the title. Stick with me ‘til the end, and I promise y’all a few laughs and maybe a nugget or two of wisdom from this ol’ gal’s brain. I mean, it’s not every day a 60-year-old from the heartland writes about this kinda topic, but hang on, ‘cause I’ve got a tale or two up my sleeves for ya!

The Myth of Universal Acceptance

Did ya ever think that no matter how much the media wants you to believe otherwise, the whole world is still not jumping on this LGBTQ rights bandwagon? Now, don’t get me wrong, we all got that one cousin, a nephew, or even a neighbor—bless their hearts—who’s flyin’ that rainbow flag high. But, try as they might, the woke folk gotta reckon with the fact that many of us still prefer the good ol’ days where a man was a man and a woman was a woman.

The Equality Conundrum

This one always gets my dander up. Have y’all noticed how you’re not allowed to say a single word against the LGBTQ agenda without half the world screaming about equality? It’s almost like they want everything to be equal but them more equal than the rest of us. I remember back in the day when we didn’t have to agree with everybody just to avoid a shouting match. Now, if you so much as say “boo,” they’re calling for your job, your reputation, your whole darn life! Equality, my foot.

The Family Values Vanishing Act

Remember when family values weren’t just two buzzwords? Seems like every TV show now is tryin’ to show us that the traditional family is out, and everything else is in. I tell ya, some days it’s enough to make me think I woke up in a topsy-turvy world where parents got no say in how their kids are raised. Back in our day, we knew the meaning of respect and discipline—didn’t need some fancy therapist to tell us how to live.

The Overblown Media Sensation

If you believe everything you see on TV, you might think the whole darn country is in full support of the LGBTQ cause. But I’ve been around the block a time or two, and I know a thing or two about how the real world works. No amount of flashy parades or viral hashtags is gonna change the hearts and minds of the folks raised on good, solid values. What ever happened to just living your life and letting others live theirs, quietly and with dignity?

The Myth of the ‘Woke’ Savior

Who else here is tired of this so-called ‘woke’ culture thinking they’re our knights in shining armor, rescuing us with their progressive minds? I don’t need saving, thank you very much. Been making my way in this world just fine without all this nonsense. Honestly, sometimes I think they’re just trying to feel better about themselves, and ain’t that the truth?

The Historic Whitewash

I get all riled up when I hear about how history is being rewritten to suit today’s agenda. Makes you wonder: what’s next? Are they gonna start telling us George Washington was non-binary or that Abraham Lincoln had a rainbow flag flying over the White House? I’ll stick with the history I learned in school, where men were men, and yes, we had our flaws, but doggone it, that’s what built this country!

The Faux Victim Narrative

Everywhere you turn, it’s all about victimhood. Now, I’m not saying there haven’t been struggles and hardships—it’s America, after all! But when everyone’s a victim, you gotta wonder, where’s the pride and grit that used to define us? We’re raising a generation that’s more interested in holding up a ‘victim card’ than rolling up their sleeves and getting stuff done!

The Cancel Culture Catastrophe

If there’s one thing that gets my biscuits burning, it’s this whole cancel culture mess. Say the wrong word or express an opinion that doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative, and BAM! You’re out. Lost your job, lost your friends, might even lose your dog, for crying out loud! Whatever happened to agreeing to disagree? Folks used to have thicker skins and more forgiving hearts. Now, everyone’s offended about everything, and heaven help you if you’re on the receiving end of their wrath.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it, folks. Some myths about LGBTQ rights that might just shake ya up a bit. But you know what? That’s okay. It’s good to get a little shook now and then—keeps us on our toes. And remember, just because we ain’t buying what today’s culture is selling doesn’t mean we’re any less kind or compassionate. We just see the world through different eyes—eyes that’ve watched more sunrises and fascianting human nature than most young’uns can imagine. Now y’all take care, and don’t forget to keep that sense of humor, come what may!


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