You can ask him as much as you want … if that’s all he can do, that’s all he’ll offer … or less

You take care of your business. Do not look left and right, because most often you will see things that will not do you honor or pleasure. People rarely get to love each other, they rarely get to offer something without asking for something in return … or waiting for you to give it to them willingly. No matter how much you want to rely on people’s common sense and the fact that we all breathe the same air, I would advise you not to do it, so as not to be disappointed.


Instead, trust God, because He will help you rise after any fall, be it caused by friends, family, or the man you have shared good and bad with. Living in a society, we will always be surrounded by people, so sooner or later we will be forced in one way or another to come into contact with them. And this is not necessarily a disadvantage, because man is created to live in a community, he is a social being … which will put him face to face with people he will love and with people he will not it had nothing in common.


What I encourage you to do is focus on the good parts of people, because there is such a thing in everyone. Let them fight for their goals, even if you don’t see them as important, let them step on their feet if they don’t know otherwise, let them argue if this is their main fun … let them gossip. Don’t try to change them, because that’s all I can do! But you stay away from all these things that do nothing but pollute your soul …. and if the rest are not completely brainwashed, maybe they will change a little way of thinking.


Don’t ask a man to love you more than he can. Ask him to be himself and be the one to choose if you want to have him around or not. Don’t fight the windmills, no matter how good your intentions are, because you risk falling and staying there. When the person you have fallen in love with is a person who only knows how to pursue his interest, take a step back and observe him as he really is. I know it’s hard and I know it hurts, but I think it’s better to be aware of the truth as it really is.


People won’t give you more than they have to give … and some of them have very little. Do not be disappointed or judge them, because if God does not judge any of us, neither we, we certainly do not have the right to do this to other people. Do not give up on God even if you see that everyone around you has forgotten about his existence, but fight with Him so that you can always have something good to give of yourself. Protect your soul from the dirt you find at every step, be polite when talking to someone and be a good example with which others can change. Live by the rules of God, even if those of society point you in the opposite direction.


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