With an Age Difference of 36 Years: Young Model Marries 62-Year-Old Egyptian Millionaire, Welcomes Daughter

At the age of 26, model Xenia Deli exchanged vows with 62-year-old Egyptian millionaire, Osama Fathy Rabah Al Sharif. The couple has since welcomed a beautiful daughter into their family.

Recently, Xenia has been sharing delightful snapshots of her 70-year-old husband and their little girl, showcasing their joy despite facing numerous critical comments online.

Would you ever consider supporting your daughter in marrying an older, wealthy man to ensure she leads a luxurious and carefree life? People have mixed opinions on this topic, with comments ranging from doubtful to approving.

Some view it cynically, with comments like, “Like a grandfather and granddaughter,” and “Just a rich old man,” while others believe, “Money talks,” and are “Skeptical about such love.” There are those who see it as “Short-term gains for long-term wealth,” and question, “Is wealth worth more than integrity?”

The array of comments reflects various perspectives: “They look happy together,” “Actions speak louder than words,” and “She’s compromising.” Others emphasize that “Happiness matters most,” and recognize that “Beauty and wealth don’t always align.”


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