Why virginity is not something to throw in the trash.

It is quite difficult to talk about the subject of “virginity” today, because it is very possible to be taken aback, because “what really matters” are the sensations and pleasures. It is the time when society teaches us to be as selfish as possible and urges us to forget almost everything that morality means. However, I propose to go back a little in time, to the time of our grandparents, when deception was deception and vulgarity was not elevated to the rank of honor. Back then, people did not appear on TV in “economical” clothes from the point of view of the material, and common sense and decency still managed to win in the fight against insensitivity and indifference.

Why then was a divorce not normal and one-night stands were a taboo subject? Because people still kept the normalcy left on earth, because it wasn’t normal to explore all the bets that get in your way … or all the scum found. Then the emphasis was on the human soul and what he really is, not on how well the partner in bed is doing. They all came with time, but as a complement to the connection between the two.


I also want to discuss seniority, when 2 people promised each other something and took that promise seriously. It was called an oath. In order to seal that oath, each one cut his hand and joined his wounds, joined his blood, because that connection really mattered. Exactly the same thing still happens today, when you sleep for the first time with a man, only I forgot the true meaning. Maybe this is one of the reasons behind the more and more frequent separations. You will not be bound by one person, but by all those with whom you signed the “contract”.

I know that what I wrote above seems SF and it’s hard to digest … That’s why I want to share something concrete with you: A guy found a girl with 100 points. That word, “good, smart, early home and housewife.” Everything went perfectly between them, but the time came when they got to bed. The boy … kind of disappointed that the girl wasn’t doing very well. I asked him, of course, how he couldn’t handle it. “Well, look, I had one … mom, mom, what was she doing … another was the feeling.” Then I asked him: “But did you love how you love the least talented?”. He answered me honestly: “No” … Then I couldn’t help myself: “Well, what does it matter to you, what do you love or what pleasure do you have?” The answer disappointed me: “Both”. To the question: “What are you going to do?” she replied, “I’m sorry, but I’m going to break up with her. I love her, but she doesn’t give a damn. ”

Now I ask you, the one you read …. If there was no such term of comparison, were the two still together today? My opinion is that yes … So a comparison has nothing to do here. Is it worth giving up love?


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