Who is right? Who is not right? Who cares?

Who cares if you were right, that his pants made him look fat? Who cares that he was right and that your dress was big? The truth is, it doesn’t matter as long as you both felt good in those clothes. In fact, what matters very little is any minor thing that can cause contradiction between two or more people …


It is painful when you find reasons to quarrel with your loved one … and even more painful is when you look for such reasons. The fact that you both hold on to some conceptions and you are not willing to listen to what the other has to say will not bring you any reason to rejoice, but only reasons to move away … and what I want to ask is whether it is worth this sacrifice. ..


As a couple, you have to know when to give in and even do it … and that has to be reciprocal. You have to take care of each other and listen to each other in whatever you have to say. If you only want to prove your point, no matter how important that cause is to you, you will lose each other sooner or later … and then you may realize that it didn’t really matter. never really.


Pride can destroy everything you have built over very long periods of time if you allow it to enter your life. Pride and the desire to look superior will fill you with nerves, tension and regrets … and when the waters calm down, it will fill you with regrets.


People can even overcome any obstacle if they are willing to listen, understand and let go of them from time to time. Any strong couple became strong because the two were willing to love each other even when they had different opinions, they were willing to change certain opinions if they were shown some better ones to take seriously. They realized that it never mattered who was right all the time and who was wrong and that a relationship is not a war of opinions ….


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