When you have to choose between the words of your parents and those of your friends, always choose your parents!

This is a lesson I learned hard and late. It wasn’t until I finished high school that I saw that Mom and Dad were the only people in this world I could count on … and that I didn’t always appreciate as much as they deserved. That’s why I can say I’m extremely sorry. I was always aware that I love them enormously and that they may love me a million times more, but there were times when maybe I didn’t know how to show it to them ….


Adolescence had a few things to say in my life. And I’m sorry for most. I’m sorry that many times I chose to go out with friends rather than stay with them …. maybe I never realized how important they are because they were always close to me. Living in the same house, I did not realize that the time spent with them will be significantly reduced after a very short time. And I’m sorry.


I’m sorry I preferred to do what my friends were doing and listen to them instead of listening to what my parents had to say. Even if I didn’t spend non-stop and didn’t do who knows what nonsense, I still didn’t listen to them as they deserved. It was a kind of revolt towards the fact that “they didn’t understand me” when, in fact, I didn’t know what I wanted either.


I don’t know whether to blame the changes we’re going through in adolescence. I don’t know whether to blame the hormones. What I do know is that I look back and that I could make an effort to understand them, because they never asked what I could not do. I’m sorry that maybe sometimes dating outings with friends … that came out of my life at the first opportunity mattered more.


So moms and dads, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you all the time and maybe there were times when my behavior made you feel like I didn’t love or appreciate you enough. I have always loved you and there is no obstacle that will stop me from continuing to do so, even if I have not shown it to you all the time. And I know how much you love me, don’t doubt it!


Maybe many of you found yourself in the mood of a somewhat rebellious teenager. If so, think about whether your friends really deserve to leave your parents in second place … be careful not to regret what you are doing now.


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