When A Man Ignores You, He Only Wants To Teach You This

Due to that old and misguided belief that playing hard to get will make you more desirable, men often end up losing women more frequently than ever.

Some men mistakenly think that by ignoring the woman they like, she will be more attracted to them. Unfortunately, this results in the opposite effect of what they actually want.

Even worse, some men think that by treating a woman poorly and making her feel insecure, she will seek their approval and validation. They believe these manipulative tactics will bring them success, but they couldn’t be more mistaken. What they fail to recognize is that such cruel treatment only works, if at all, on inexperienced women.

A real woman knows what she wants.

A fulfilled woman doesn’t have time for games. If you are genuine, loving, and treat her the right way, she will reciprocate. However, if she senses dishonesty, manipulation, or insincerity, she won’t hesitate to walk away.

Because she knows that when you really love someone, you can’t just ignore them.

True love means showing your affection and being present. A real woman enjoys being loved, cherished, and given attention. She wants to feel secure, knowing that you’re always there for her. If you don’t provide what she needs, she will simply move on. It’s as straightforward as that.

What happens when a man ignores a woman?

Many men believe that withholding their true feelings will benefit the relationship. They forget that honesty is the foundation of any successful partnership. Real women value honesty above all else. They understand that true intimacy cannot exist with a dishonest partner. They desire openness, honesty, and vulnerability to truly understand their partner’s soul.

So, men, if you want a real woman by your side, focus on her when you’re together. Show care, love, and attention. Always treat her with respect.

By treating her properly, she may fall deeper in love with you, rewarding you with even more love and affection. This could be the start of a wonderful relationship built on trust, love, and honesty.

If you love her genuinely, she will respond with even more love and affection. A woman amplifies everything given to her, so avoid giving her nonsense if you want her in your life.


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