What Would You Do If Your Best Friend Had a Secret to Tell You?

Well, butter my biscuit and call me a Yankee, ain’t life full of surprises? Sit tight and pour yourself a cup of Joe, because by the time you’re finished with this, you’ll be grinning like a cat who found the cream. Trust me, this one’s a knee-slapper that’s worth every word.

If you think this is just another dull read, reckon it might do you good to give in to your curiosity and journey to the end. Now, let’s nudge this cart down the hill, shall we? Picture this: your best friend, bless their heart, sidles up to you one fine day, looking as twitchy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

You know the look – the one that screams, “I’ve got a big ol’ secret.” And let me tell you, their excitement is more infectious than a preacher’s sermon at a Sunday revival meeting. They lean in closer, eyes darting around like they’re checking for eavesdroppers.

You’d best believe something’s brewing. You see, folks, secrets in friendships are a lot like a slippery pig at the county fair – hard to handle and nearly impossible to ignore. Now, if you’ve got a hot minute, ain’t it just the darndest thing wondering what kind of secret it could be? Maybe they found Jesus at the bottom of a cereal box or they’re considering running for office – who knows?

Before they spill the beans, you might be thinking back to all those television dramas where secrets lead to monumental, earth-shattering revelations. But hold your horses, ’cause reality ain’t always that grandiose. Sometimes, secrets are just harmless quirks or old tales dug out of the past like leftover meatloaf. Let’s take a little stroll through memory lane. I remember the time my dear friend Betty couldn’t keep her lips zipped.

One hot summer afternoon, she popped by my place, jitterier than a turkey the day before Thanksgiving. Without much ado, she blurted out that she’d taken up line dancing lessons on the sly. Imagine that – a woman her age trying to shake a leg like she was still in her twenties. She was afraid I’d laugh her out of town, bless her soul.

But instead, I cheered her on! We had a good chuckle about it, and you bet your bottom dollar we ended up practicing the two-step right there in my kitchen. Those moments turned into cherished memories all thanks to a ‘secret.’ So, folks, you see, sometimes a secret isn’t an ox in the ditch; it’s just a chuckle waiting to happen. Now, here’s the straight and narrow – what should you do when your friend’s got that secret to share?

The good Lord gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason: listen more, yak less. Be attentive, like you’re at a revival tent meeting listening to every word from the preacher’s mouth. Respect the moment; it’s not every day someone decides to unburden their soul out to you. And when that secret finally spills out, take a moment to consider it.

Pray on it if you must. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all, just give them a reassuring hug or a pat on the back. And if that secret happens to be something heavier, like contemplating moving to Canada (heaven forbid), then all the more reason to be there for them. Our country is the greatest there is, and sometimes folks just need a little reminder of that from a good friend.

Talking things through and giving them your sage, God-fearing perspective might just change their mind. Now, I understand folks nowadays have this thing called ‘cancel culture,’ always trying to silence someone or another. But don’t let this tomfoolery cloud your judgment. As friends, we owe each other loyalty and understanding, not quick dismissal. It’s funny how life teaches us lessons in the most unexpected ways, isn’t it?

God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes He sends His messages through our friends’ secrets. Embrace those moments as blessings in disguise. Laugh at the silly ones, pray over the hard ones, but most of all, never shut down the voice of a friend in need. True friendship is a sacred bond, and when the going gets tough, it’s the ties that bind us together in God’s love that will see us through.

So, my dear friends, next time you find yourself on the receiving end of a secret, just remember the wisdom of our forebears and handle it with grace, dignity, and maybe a slice of apple pie on the side. It might just end up being a story you laugh about for years to come. Now, quick – pass the gravy, these mash potatoes aren’t going to eat themselves!


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