What would it be like to be yourself?

What if instead of comparing yourself to star X and her thrilling life, you focused on your beautiful life? What if instead of comparing your income with I don’t know which friend who has a job to enjoy yours and continue to do what you like and love and focus less on the material side? What if you were a good wife for your husband and an excellent mother for children the way you want, not how others see this “job” as we call it? What if you did things that make you happy, even if they are not the same things that make Z or W happy?


How would you react if you saw both sides of the problem? How would you react if your favorite stars were paid to play in the show of their own lives, based on scripts written by others, made to sell? How would you react if you saw your girlfriend spend her nights alone in hotels, working to always find solutions to the difficult problems she has to take care of herself, that she can’t afford to have a family? What if you saw that devoted wife who looks perfect in public at home is indifferent to her family and struggles to create an image?


It’s getting easier and easier to lose your identity with each passing day. In our world, excessive promotions of “what’s fashionable”, from clothes to lifestyle, from makeup to what pet to buy become a balance in the lives of some of us, because we take them into account. seriously more than it should be … and why is that? Because we no longer meet certain standards and because we do not turn into faithful children of I do not know which paid character to appear in some way on the street or a reality show “heroine” who who knows what feat has done from lack of occupation (or brain)?


The truth is that what we see around us is often just a scenery presented to catch your eye, to make you believe that this is the effective way you must have in life. If you become a consumer of trends, if you pay attention to everything around you and struggle to look like what it looks like to be good, you will only have to lose. Be smarter than that, even if it means “becoming a lock” in terms of trends that do nothing but transform people to think the same way … because that way they become easier to handle, and the profit from them increases! Take great care of yourself even if it means not doing what you see on TV or anywhere else!


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