What if we listened to our own advice?

People are made to help each other. When one of our friends asks us for advice, we gladly give our opinion, whether it is about love relationships, about decisions about the future or anything else. Because we think outside the box, it is much easier to see what the mistakes are and to help correct them. (As a small remark: No matter how good our intentions are, no matter how much we want to help, we should refrain from giving advice before we are asked, because it may not make sense or fall at an inopportune moment.)


Because we are not directly involved in problems, we can judge objectively and even help. When someone comes to ask the opinion of those around us, we can be sure that someone really needs advice from a person who cares about his fate, so we should not rush, but think a little before open mouth. However, an opinion from someone who can judge objectively, who is interested in his fate, is always welcome.


What we should do in such a situation is to train our memory and remember the advice. Certainly in the future we will live similar moments and we will need the opinion of someone who knows us very well. And who would that be if not us? Who could know us better? (Of course, apart from God) With our own advice and a little support from Him, we will be able to overcome any obstacle, no matter how impossible it may seem.


If we heeded our own advice, we could do anything. We would recover much more easily after a painful breakup, we would work to reach the heights we would like, we would learn from the mistakes of others, and we would be able to do anything with our lives. The question is: What is really stopping us? I think fear … An inexplicable fear that overwhelms us when we are directly involved in a difficult situation.


When you are directly involved, everything seems extremely complicated, even with no way out. We do not give much time to thinking and we tend to act foolishly, because we consider it appropriate. We should learn from our mistakes in order to evolve. But, as many say, it is easy to say and extremely difficult to do. However, nothing is impossible!

If we could look at anything from the outside, we could solve any problem. In other words, if we listened to our advice, we would go far.


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