-What did I do to deserve you? – It was you, and that’s it!

When will we understand that we are human and that we are beautiful as we are? When will we understand that invented stories, lying spells, gifts, will never make someone love you? All of this works for people who have whims instead of values, it works for people who still have to grow, but not for them for too long … because at some point, no matter how absorbed some of the things they are. they can buy them with money, they will still think for a while and realize that everything is in vain if there is no one in their life who can’t wait to see them, even after only a few hours of absence.


It takes nothing more than yourself to conquer the woman of your dreams. You don’t have to borrow an expensive car to take it from home, you don’t have to sit all day in the flower shops, you don’t have to use sweet and stupid words to caress it. You just have to be yourself. You have to do exactly what you feel. And she, if she’s smart enough, will love you “just” for so much.


The secret of a beautiful relationship is the absence of lies, of falsehood, of any mask that hides their faces from each other. A man who is willing to be with you forever wants to know you as you really are, with good and bad, because the truth is the only thing that even when it hurts, actually heals. The man who will stay with you knows that anything is worth a little more than the sincerity I can give to each other, because if you love someone, you want to share with him any boring details of your life. That man knows that you are extraordinary by the fact that you are yourself, by the fact that you do not try to look like who you are not, by the fact that you love him enough to be honest!


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