Wait till you see Amy Roloff’s new husband.

Amy Roloff gained notoriety after appearing on the show Little People, Big World; however, things have moved on since then in her family as a result of the fact that she got a divorce from her previous spouse and subsequently remarried Chris Marek.

Amy and her family were able to change the mindsets of many people regarding dwarfism by sharing their everyday lives on the show ‘Little People, Big World,’ which also gave them the opportunity to share their experiences with the world.

People who suffer from dwarfism can lead lives that are just as normal as anyone else’s and should not be stigmatized just because they have a medical condition that causes them to be shorter than average.

Unfortunately, other people discriminate against and mock the people who have this illness. I believe that Amy and her family were successful in their efforts to demonstrate the aforementioned points.

In 1987, while Amy and Matt Roloff were both attending an LPA conference, Amy introduced herself to Matt. The two were instantly attracted to one another, and despite the fact that she lived in Michigan and he lived in California, they continued to converse on the phone every day.

Following all of these conversations, we decided to start dating long distance. The two had only a few face-to-face encounters before they realized that they were falling in love with one another. During their vacation to Yosemite National Park, Matt popped the question to her.

Amy stated that Matt became irritated abruptly when the two of them were standing on the edge of a precipice. Amy was concerned that something was wrong and had the impression that Matt was about to tell her something important, but she was in the dark about what it was. Amy was taken aback when he proposed to her, and she immediately began to cry; yet, the response was unmistakable yes.

Together, Matt and Amy have been blessed with four amazing children, and together, they purchased their farm in Oregon.

Throughout the filming, Amy demonstrated that it is possible to attend to the needs of a family while also maintaining a career. In addition to that, she was involved in a number of activities at the school and she established the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation.

Amy has developed into a fantastic mother, a wonderful TV celebrity, and a wonderful wife all at the same time. After that, in 2016, Amy finally got divorced.

Matt and Amy have concluded that they can no longer form a family together. Amy stated that following the divorce, the production crew encouraged her to go out on dates and meet new guys, even though she did not feel ready to do so at the time.

Amy’s choice to relocate and sell her share of the farm was another significant decision she made. After a short time had passed, Amy found happiness in remarriage with Chris Marek.

There was no instant attraction between Amy and Chris, but after a few dates, they came to the conclusion that they wanted to give it a shot. After some time, the couple wed.

Keller Williams Real Estate is owned by Chris Marek, who also serves as its CEO. Together with Amy, Chris has also made multiple appearances on television.

We hope that Amy and Chris will be very happy together and that they will be able to achieve a lot of things together.


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