Valerie Bertinelli Opens Up About Hidden Bruises and Mental Health

Valerie Bertinelli recently took to Instagram to share an honest and candid video about her mental health and the concept of “hidden bruises.” In the video, uploaded on February 12, 2023, Bertinelli can be seen walking and talking to the camera, with a swishing sound accompanying her every step.

“I’m giggling because I had a small, hidden bruise activated today,” Bertinelli revealed. “You can hear my jeans rubbing together, creating this particular sound.” She explained that she had stopped wearing these pants due to being “mercilessly mocked” by an ex who criticized her weight. The swishing noise became a constant reminder of the hurtful comments.

But what exactly does Bertinelli mean by “hidden bruises”? In her words, “Hidden bruises are something that emotional, verbal, and mental abuse does to you that people can’t see.” These bruises are the lingering effects of past pain and trauma that may not be visible on the surface.

Bertinelli shared that she is actively working on healing from these hidden bruises, and now, she can laugh at the sound her pants make. “I put these jeans in storage for good,” she said. For her, the swishing sound represents freedom and the progress she has made in her healing journey.

Despite her initial apprehension, Bertinelli decided to publish the video, knowing that some people may urge her to “let go” and “move on.” She believes that sharing her experiences is an important part of healing and building a sense of community. “Welcome to everyone who can relate to this and feels heard. I am merely another member of your tribe,” she expressed.

The response to Bertinelli’s video was overwhelmingly positive, with many commenters applauding her courage and strength. They acknowledged that healing is not a linear process and commended her for prospering and surviving. One commenter expressed gratitude for Bertinelli’s openness, saying, “Thank you for sharing the concept of hidden bruises.”

Bertinelli’s journey has been an inspiration for many, and she continues to be a role model for resilience and self-care. Her willingness to confront her past pain and advocate for mental health encourages others to do the same.

If you can relate to the concept of hidden bruises or have experienced them yourself, know that you are not alone. Healing takes time, and it’s okay to seek support and share your story. Remember, you have the strength to overcome and thrive.

Watch the video below to learn more about Valerie Bertinelli’s quest to overcome her hidden bruises and find healing:

Let Valerie Bertinelli’s story be a reminder that there is hope for healing from past pain and that together, we can create a community where everyone feels heard and supported.


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