Twins Celebrate Their 80th Birthday, And Their 103-Year-Old Mom Is One Of Their Guests

There is no denying that twins share a special bond. Throughout the years, many studies have documented this undeniable connection that multiples share with each other.

These bonds have also been shown to increase the longevity of life, most likely due to the comfort that comes with knowing that somebody else always has your back.

One set of twins is proof of this longevity. The 80-year-old duo recently had the honor of celebrating their birthday with a special guest in attendance. Their 103-year-old mother was there to watch the twins that she gave birth to at the age of 23 celebrate eight decades on this earth.

Helen Mosher of Brunswick, Maine has seen a lot in her day. But it is clear that being part of the 80th birthday celebration for her twins was one of the highlights of her life.

David Mosher and Winnie Mosher Merrill were all smiles as family members circled around them to sing Happy Birthday. Fortunately, the sweet moment was even documented on video for everyone else to enjoy.

Helen boasts an impressive 79 descendants. Despite all these people to love, she still manages to be an exceptional maternal figure to all of them. Helen finds the time to worry and care about all 79 of her family members.

This sweet birthday celebration is a true example of the strength of family bonds. After watching the family come together to celebrate the birthdays of both David and Winnie, be sure to spread this festive joy to everyone that you know. Everyone deserves to see the smiles in this celebration!


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