Tom Selleck Credits Jesus For All Of His Success “The Lord Directs His Steps”

Tom Selleck is one of the celebrities who have been an inspiration to millions of his fans worldwide. Selleck was known for his roles in Blue Bloods of the Closer, Three Men and a Baby, and of course Magnum P.I.

Everyone knows that Selleck’s acting abilities are extraordinary. He knows how to really play the role of his character that is why he is one of the good actors of his time. He is most well-known for his roles both on TV and the big screens, that is why more projects came.

He had plenty of television shows and also had over 50 films both as an actor and a film producer. For the last four decades, Selleck was not only an actor but a good producer as well.

But aside from being an accomplished actor, Selleck is also a dedicated Christian. And he believes that all of his success, he owes to his strong faith in the Lord and Savior.

Even though he has found his way to Jesus, Selleck admits that his journey was not an easy one. He did struggle for a long time and he is willing to share his story.

Selleck was born on January 29, 1945. His mom and dad were hardworking Christians who had blue-collar jobs. His father was a carpenter and his mother was a housewife taking care of their family.

Despite their determination, the family did not easily achieve financial success. Things started to get better when his dad earned more income by selling real estate.

Selleck is the second born of the family. So he was in constant competition with his older brother, Robert, for attention. He also wanted to be better when it comes to their achievements.

Aside from that, Selleck was troublesome when he was younger. He would usually get in an argument with his family. So to teach him a lesson, his father would punish him by a swift slap of his belt. But in many cases, he would also get physically harmed by his dad.

Even though he had a difficult childhood, he grew to become a responsible young man. And in high school, he wanted to go to the University of South Carolina through a basketball scholarship.

He was leading his high school basketball team. However, the university was too expensive for him. So instead, he decided to attend Junior College still with a basketball scholarship.

While at Junior College, he did his best to save up some money. And when he had enough, he was able to transfer to his dream university, the University of South Carolina for his junior year in college.

And at that time, he was majoring in business administration. And while in college, he was also attending acting auditions. He only decided to try to audition after his coach encouraged him to do so.

Selleck was able to enter Hollywood and appeared on the show, The Dating Game from 1965 to 1967. And even though he decided that being an actor was the career that he wanted to follow, he still kept his faith.

He made this his top priority, which is why, after all the success that he was able to reach, he believes that he owes it all to the Lord.


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