‘This One Was Special,’ Say Six Generations of Women Posed for a Sweet Family Photo

A heartwarming family photo has captured the love and unity of six generations of women. The picture, taken last month, showcases MaeDell Hawkins, a remarkable 98-year-old woman who has cared for “hundreds of babies” throughout her life. Pictured alongside her are her daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, and even her great-great-granddaughter, Zhavia, who was born in December.

“We thought it was unique because it was all girls,” Gracie Howell, 58, shares with excitement. This special gathering is a testament to the enduring strength and bond of their family.

Gracie, the granddaughter of MaeDell, describes her grandma as “sharp as a tack,” with an unwavering spirit. MaeDell, who will be turning 99 in July, is known to offer advice on child-rearing, drawing from her wealth of experience. “She isn’t hesitant to tell you how to take care of a child,” Gracie explains fondly.

During their visit, Zhavia became a little fussy. But MaeDell, living in a nursing home and still full of energy, swiftly swooped the baby out of her mother’s arms. Gracie remembers that precious moment, capturing MaeDell tickling Zhavia’s little feet. These are the sweet memories that bring joy to their lives.

While the family photo was simply intended to celebrate their extraordinary lineage, it has unexpectedly garnered attention, overwhelming Gracie in the best way possible. She privately shared the photo with a local meteorologist, accompanied by the story of her remarkable grandmother. The response has been nothing short of incredible, offering MaeDell the recognition she truly deserves.

Gracie emphasizes that her grandma rarely complains about her challenging life. At the age of 16, MaeDell married her first husband, a railroad worker who was mostly away from home. Despite facing hardships and a lack of modern conveniences, such as running water and modern appliances, MaeDell’s resilience remained unshaken.

“I remember when I was a teenager, and she still didn’t have running water,” Gracie reminisces. Yet, throughout it all, MaeDell ensured her family never went without a decent meal, a warm supper, or clean clothes to wear. She faced adversity head-on, always focused on taking care of her loved ones.

As the family continued to grow, with MaeDell outliving her husbands and most of her stepchildren, the bond among them only grew stronger. Gracie proudly explains, “We have a big family.” And in this big family, MaeDell’s life has been filled with love, resilience, and an unwavering spirit that inspires them all.

“Her life has been full,” Gracie concludes with deep affection. “I simply love her.”


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