This mother got on the bus and started breastfeeding.

Because the men on the train refused to give up their seats, Bryony Esther was forced to breastfeed her child while standing.

Now the mother is coming under fire online for continuing to nurse her one-year-old child.

Bryony Esther, a mother from Essex, was on her way back to her house in Essex from a hospital in London where she had visited her ailing son four days previously. She was accompanied by her two little girls, ages five and one.

She had requested a group of men who were seated with a suitcase if she may sit there, but they refused her request, so she had to breastfeed her one-year-old while standing. After that, she took a picture of herself and uploaded it to Facebook.

“Having to stand on a train while breastfeeding my baby thanks to the nice lot of charmers giving more attention to their suitcases and rolling joints!” she wrote in her post. “Thanks to the lovely bunch of charmers giving more priority to their suitcases and rolling joints.”

It has a foul odor. In addition to that, the rider who was riding a flashy bicycle and who kept colliding with me sat in the disabled seat. Please feel free to share this because it would make my day if their moms, girlfriends, and wives were able to see how they act.

The post was shared by more than 36,000 people in total. However, not everybody was on board.

“I’ve received a few messages saying things like, ‘Your baby appears to be too old to be breastfeeding,’ and ‘That’s nasty — put it away,’” the mother said. ‘Exhibitionist!’ and other rude comments such as ‘Get a car!’” Esther added.

“I could educate them on being environmentally conscious, reducing congestion in London, and on the WHO [World Health Organization] feeding guidelines, but I’ve been a bit busy with Zak at GOSH [Great Ormond Street Hospital],” she said.

She went on to clarify that the fact that this wasn’t the first time anything like this has occurred was the motivation behind her decision to take a picture at the time.

“I’ve posted about this issue before, the last time being April of last year when I was eight months pregnant and making the same journey to visit my sick son at Great Ormond Street Hospital (just like I was doing the other day), and the last time my friends told me, ‘Next time you should take a picture and post on Facebook so their mothers can see,’ so I did.” “I’ve posted about this issue before, the last time being April of last year when I was eight months pregnant and making the same journey

Another woman informed her that she should have ordered the men to move their bag, and if they didn’t, she should have made a complaint.

She also said that she should have instructed the men to move their suitcases. Esther stated that she didn’t want to make a scene in front of her daughter, who was only five years old, since she didn’t want to risk upsetting her.

Back in 2009, when she went to confront someone about their antisocial behavior, she was attacked. “I was attacked,” she added. “Bitten once, twice shy” is a proverb.

However, the mother who practices “baby-wearing,” “natural parenting,” and “eco-friendly” parenting is pleased that her post has garnered a significant amount of attention.

“I have to admit that it has provided me with something else to worry about, which is a much-appreciated respite from hospital,” I said.


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