These are undoubtedly the biggest British child star glow ups of all time

Are glow ups only reserved for actors? Asking for a friend x

For such a small nation, the UK has produced bucket loads of talented stars, many of which started their careers in the limelight from childhood. Looking back on where these British child stars started and how they once looked is crazy as some of them have had a serious glow up.

From Harry Potters stars to your first childhood celebrity crush, so many child actors now look completely different to when they were younger.

Here is a full rundown of undoubtedly the biggest British male child star glow ups there have been, of all time.

Will Poulter

Twitter is currently having a melt down after new photos of Will Poulter looking rather delectable at Paris Fashion Week were released. Will has been acting since he was 14 and Son of Ranbow was his first ever feature length film back in 2007. Since then he has appeared in hugely acclaimed films and TV shows including The Revenant, Midsommar, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Maze Runner and its sequel, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and, of course, We’re the Millers.

Will did not grow up a teenage heartthrob and instead was better known as being “that actor with the eyebrows” thanks to his uncontrollably expressive eyebrows. But now at the age of 30, Will is making people weak at the knees. Honestly, I think it’s the stubble.

Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis truly set the blueprint for child star glow ups. Who would have thought that the actual Neville Longbottom would grow up to be one of the best looking, and most ripped, actors of our generation? Matthew is, of course, most well known for playing the role of Neville all throughout the Harry Potter films. If him shouting “TREVOR” isn’t immediately what you think when looking at him then you didn’t spend your child hood correctly.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland is one of those actors that people forget has been acting since he was young and it’s only when you go back and rewatch The Impossible do you exclaim,”omg is that Tom Holland?!” It was starring as Spiderman in the franchise since 2017 that earned Tom a sea of admirers, including his co-star Zendaya that he has been in a relationship with ever since.

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult has been gracing our screens since he was seven years old meaning he already has a 26 year long career under his belt at only the age of 33. In that time he has starred in About a Boy, X-Men, Deadpool, Tolkien and Mad Max: Fury Road. But most will remember him as the devastatingly handsome Tony from the first two seasons of Skins. Nicholas has had quite the glow up since being the little boy with a bowl cut and even managed to bag one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous leading ladies: Jennifer Lawrence, whom he dated for five years. His looks are continuing to serve him well as Nicholas is currently the face of an Armani fragrance.

Alfred Enoch

After starring as Dean Thomas in all the Harry Potter films, Alfred Enoch went on to play the lead in How to Get Away with Murder, Wes Gibbins. To be fair to Alfred, he was always a really cute kid so I’m not sure it’s really fair to call it a glow up. Either way, he’s really fit now.

Jamie Bell

As a kid, Jamie Bell starred in what is probably your Dad’s favourite film: Billy Elliot. That was when he was nine years old and since then he’s acquired a huge filmography, most notably starring in Fantastic Four. Jamie grew up to be so good looking that he managed to marry two insanely hot women, Rachel Evan Wood and Kate Mara.

Jack O’connell

Ah, Jack O’Connell. What an icon. Jack started out at the tender age of 15 in This is England and then starred alongside Nicholas Hoult in Skins where he played Cook. Looking at his baby face way back from his acting debut, no one would have thought he’d turn into such a rugged hunk.


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