The woman was walking a baby stroller down the street, everyone thought she was a mother.

Even though a woman claims to have 57 children, just two of them are living beings.

Silvia Heszterenyiova, a 43-year-old Sydney resident who is passionate about “reborn” dolls—hyper-realistic children whom she dresses, tucks in at night, and even brings on day outings to the beach—has been telling her tale.

For her 40th birthday, Veronika, 24, and Sofia, 20, gave Silvia a reborn doll that she called Isabella. This sparked an extraordinary passion for building doll families, and her clan simply keeps expanding.

Currently, Silvia is a “mom” to 54 other reborn children, including ginger-haired Demi, who Silvia frequently takes for days at the beach, and the adorably charming Toby, who Silvia goes skating with.

The reborn family members are constantly on outings to restaurants, and some of her other dolls have even been seen practicing the violin and the piano and occasionally busking in the street.

They occasionally sleep with Silvia, who has a reborn nursery where she fixes and sells reborn dolls to other would-be reborn parents. Silvia often takes them on special outings to the park and the movies.

As a result of parents approaching her for advice on how to accurately recreate their deceased child’s appearance in a reborn doll, she has also created reborn dolls that are precise reproductions of human babies who have passed away.

She said, “I created a special order for a lady whose premature baby had died. He was 32 centimeters long and weighed only 740 grams at birth (1 lb 6 oz). He was just the cutest.

While some of the females are attractive in elegant Victorian-style gowns, others are costumed as Geishas, Japanese entertainers who serve as hostesses.

She also made an Aboriginal doll that she named Biralee as a reference to her native land. A nappy, a blanket, and an Aboriginal-style hat are included with Biralee.

Each piece costs between £123 (AUS$200) and £300 (AUS$500), but Silvia has learned how to stitch her own in an effort to save money.

Silvia, who has lost track of how much money she has spent on the dolls over the years, said, “They are a treat.” I spend money on my reborns because “other people spend money on things they like.”

She enjoys taking images of her dolls in casual poses and posting them on her different social media accounts, even starting an Instagram profile for the “youngsters.”

She boasted, “People enjoy staring at them.” I dress them for Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays, among other events.

Twins Kirsten and Katherine, who she considers to be her own “children,” like going on picnics together, as well as Arianna, who Silvia has brought her to buy for baby supplies.

She claims that most people believe her expanding brood, which has grown by 18 since February, are real and that she is not ashamed of her peculiar hobby.

People approach me and compliment my babies on how lovely they are, she said. “They question, “Is she real?”” I care for them and watch after them while we are away. They are all given excellent care. I cherish them.

Her biological daughters have also started collections as a result of her contagious pastime.

However, Silvia alternates, treating various reborns at various times because she has too many dolls now to take them all out at once.

Being alone, she even painted and furnished a nursery for her “family” at home. I’ve always adored dolls, and when Isabella came along, I fell in love with reborns, the woman stated.

In addition, I’ve always loved crafts and art, so I knew I wanted to be involved in making reborn dolls. I’m really passionate about it.

“I adore babies because each one is special and different from the others. They make my life happier.’


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