The Royal Family Has Issues

As King Charles III, 73, prepares to take up the responsibilities of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, he will rely more than ever on the support of his wife, Queen Consort Camilla.

The pair married in 2005, and although the public has occasionally criticized their relationship, a reputable royal photographer claimed that Camilla has transformed her husband in a favorable way.

The Queen Consort is “perfect” for the King, according to Arthur Edwards, who also described how the Queen Consort helped “cool” the King’s “sparky temper.”

Arthur said, “[He is] peaceful, a lot more relaxed when addressing problems than he was previously, ever since he married Camilla.”

He used to have a fiery temper, but I haven’t seen it in a long time, and he’s given me a real talk every now and then, do you know what I mean?”

Additionally, he praised her 75-year-old “common old’s touch,” which he claimed was a factor in the rise in her popularity with the general public.

The King and Queen initially connected during a polo tournament in 1970, when they were, respectively, 22 and 24 years old. However, when Charles was called up for overseas naval duty, their blossoming romance was put on hold.

Charles married Lady Diana Spencer and was the father of Prince William and Prince Harry, but Camilla subsequently married Andrew Parker Bowles and had two children with him.

Camilla and Charles finally divorced; Camilla did so in 1995, and Charles did so the following year as a result of issues that arose in both of their marriages.

There was a tremendous deal of controversy when Prince Charles admitted that he had an affair with Camilla while he was still married to Princess Diana.

The pair decided to keep their developing romance private when Princess Diana passed away suddenly in 1997; they did not make their first public appearance as a couple until 1999.

When asked how they improved their image, Arthur explained, “They attained their aims by putting in a lot of effort; they basically got their heads down and began working.”

The new Queen, Camilla, didn’t hold anything back in terms of how she looked.

“She has over two hundred patrons, and she works without stopping even when she does. The most important aspect is that she has the Prince’s support, though.”

Consider the recent instance when they stepped off the plane in Northolt. She stayed in the cabin until he spoke with the station commander before following him down. Throughout their whole journey together, she has followed this pattern.

“She has never once tried to steal the limelight or the show. She is, in reality, the perfect fit for him.”

Despite tremendous dissatisfaction building behind the scenes, the royal family presented a united face throughout the holiday season. According to a royal source, Prince Charles and Camilla’s marriage is over.

The prince has allegedly “had enough” and is meeting with Fiona Shackleton, the experienced lawyer who guided him through his first divorce from Princess Diana.

According to a royal insider, “while the whole world has been obsessed with Kate and Meghan’s rivalry and William and Harry falling out,” there has been a “much larger drama” going on beyond the palace’s gates.

“It’s anticipated that Charles and Camilla will split soon. They haven’t talked much lately and have already signed the papers.”


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