The postman came to their gate every day, leaving no mail.

These dogs were paid a visit by a very special someone while their owners were gone. The wonderful scene was captured on CCTV, and the people who owned the dogs couldn’t have been happier when they watched the footage of it.

The mailman was making his rounds across the neighborhood delivering letters and packages when he made the decision to pull up in front of this residence.

Even though he didn’t have any mail for the people who lived there, he had some extremely essential business to take care of there nevertheless.

An adorable scene

The entire event was captured on tape by the surveillance camera. Behind the tall, black gates that surround the driveway, five Labrador retrievers are pacing restlessly.

Their tails begin to wag in an uncontrollable manner as soon as the mailman’s automobile pulls up in front of their house.

When the mailman reaches the dogs, he puts his arms through the gates so that he can scratch each and every one of them individually. The Labradors enjoy all of the attention and show their gratitude to their guest by giving them slobbery licks.

Recorded by the camera

When the family came across this picture, they were extremely affected by the fact that the mailman was willing to take time out of his busy schedule in order to pay some attention to their dogs.

They soon came to the conclusion that this was not a one-time occurrence. The mailman would frequently stop, regardless of the weather, to give the Labradors their much-requested hugs and kisses.

The family decided to share the video on their social media accounts as a way to express their gratitude to the mailman. The reaction from the general populace was tremendous.

It appears that this family’s experience was not unique, as the mailman’s loving gesture, albeit little in scale, has moved over one hundred thousand people to like tweets about it on Twitter.


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