The person next to you shows whether or not you are a real successful person

It may sound strange what I’m going to say, but at the end of the article I think even you will be right, no matter how skeptical you are! A relationship is identical to a business, with no differences. To observe this point we need to look a little “out of the box”. Yes, it sounds dubious, but this is the truth. How so? In a relationship you have to invest time, money and feelings. You have to invest exactly the same things in a business. So I found the similarities between the two.

Time is precious! Don’t lose it, because life is too short for you not to use it to the fullest. Don’t waste it on relationships that are already showing signs of “bankruptcy.” End such a relationship (if you are involved) and sit back for a while to put your thoughts in order. Make a plan. See how you want your future relationship to begin and where you want it to go. Don’t leave with the idea “Whatever it is, ‘man lives and man sees’.” With this idea you reach the age of 40 (when you are already semi-expired for marriage) and you realize that you have “spent” too much of your time in vain, and now you have nowhere to reap the benefits. Time is of the essence, don’t waste it!

Without a gift and maybe, any business at the beginning, but also later, in order to grow, needs money. I know for sure that you invest money in a relationship. Why? Do you like going out with your loved one to a movie, a dinner in the city, a terrace in the summer or taking a trip somewhere far from home, that’s for sure. Well, for that you need money (I do NOT say that you need money to support your girlfriend, but to be able to lead your life in a style that you enjoy!). The conclusion would be that in this respect, too, business is like relationships. A successful person is one who invests with his head, and not in a business that goes bankrupt. So invest wisely!


Maybe you’ve heard … or maybe not … but the feelings are also consumed. Why is it said that “First love never forgets”? Because then you invest the purest feelings and all that is best in you. After it ends (if it ends), you become more reluctant and protect yourself from another similar sacrifice, because you no longer want to suffer … and you close a part of your heart … and so on with the next , and with the next …. In short, feelings are consumed. Don’t invest them in vain, because you will one day find the true love of your life. Because you threw your feelings forward, you won’t be able to give them your best. Why? Because you don’t have it anymore. Avoid investing feelings where you shouldn’t.

The bottom line: be a successful person, not a bankrupt investor.

This is the point of view of the man in our relationship … and it seems my girlfriend is right. What do you say?


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