The only thing that never changes is change

There is no permanence in anything but change. No matter how panicked we are about the current situation, if this is a difficult one, we should think about whether we will remember it in a year, ten, or a week. However, even the things that make us happy now may mean nothing in a while … because new, more beautiful, more precious ones replace them.


Some people find it extremely difficult to get over the obstacles in their lives … they even end up despairing, giving up fighting and losing everything they have managed so far. Thus, they end up complying with failure, while falling into depressions difficult to imagine. And for what? For some troubles that come and go, troubles that make sense to strengthen us … and what do we do? Do we fail this test and get knocked down? Why? …. Because we lack faith.


God never sleeps, and He is more than happy to always help us! He is always by our side to guard us, to lift us from below. Without Him we can do nothing, but we still have much to learn until we become truly aware of it. We are often deaf to what He teaches us, because we have enough values ​​and principles that we have formed throughout our lives that are wrong with His teaching. We are often deaf when His voice tells us that it will be good, that we have certain things to do and much to change in ourselves for … or we hear Him, but we ignore Him, because … it does not fit our principles in whom I worked so hard for ….


My dear ones, there is no permanent trouble, just as there is no permanent joy. But there is a permanent God. Faith in Him will help us overcome any fear, because He is by our side and helps us, guides us and brings us winners, so let the change come, do not be afraid of it, because no matter how difficult the next step is. , with Him we will do it well!


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