The baby started behaving very strange so mom decided to go to the hospital to find out what was happening to her baby!

This is the story of a woman named Lucinda, who has long wanted to have a child. After several attempts, in the end, the woman became pregnant and was extremely happy.

The task was an easy one, without complications.

On her birthday, Lucinda went to the hospital confident and after a few hours gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy.
Just two weeks after the birth, the problems started to appear.

The baby started behaving very strangely. Her son had started crying louder and louder for several hours in a row without stopping. The young mother made sure that the little one was changed and fed, so she didn’t realize why her baby was crying non-stop.

When she looked more closely she noticed that the baby’s skin was starting to turn very red, so she decided to go to the hospital urgently to find out what was happening to her baby.

After several tests and tests, where doctors removed the marrow from his spine, they found that the baby had a brain infection. This type of brain infection is caused by the mother’s diet during pregnancy.

Lucinda did not realize what she had eaten during pregnancy, which was so harmful and dangerous to her baby that it would cause a brain infection.

But the answer came immediately, Lucinda had eaten sausages and cheese during pregnancy, it was her favorite. The problem with these types of food is that they contain a certain bacterium called listeria, which can survive even in low temperatures in the refrigerator. And during pregnancy, mothers should not eat such foods.

The immune system of babies in the mother’s womb is not strong enough to kill this bacterium that can cause meningitis.

It is very important that this information reaches as many expectant mothers as possible.


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