The 4-year-old snuck up to her grandmother’s bag without anyone seeing her

After the event that occurred on September 14, Yanelly Zoller, whose family called her Nelly, was found to have a single gunshot wound to the chest, which ultimately led to her death.

The young girl had spent the morning at the home of her grandparents, Michael and Christie, in Tampa, Florida. Later that afternoon, the child’s young father, Shane, was scheduled to pick her up so that the three of them could go swimming at the neighborhood pool.

According to Shane Zoller, who is only 22 years old, Yanelly was searching through the purse because “she just wanted some stupid candy,” which he told the Tampa Bay Times.

When the concerned father drove up to his mother and father’s house to pick up Yanelly, that’s when he found out about the terrible event.

“I was driving to pick her up with her bathing suit in my car to take her to the splash pads,” Shane said. “I was going to take her to the splash pads.”

“Just as I pulled up, that’s when I noticed all of the police lights,” the driver said.

A spokeswoman for the police department referred to the incident as “a tragic accident.”

Shane was still in high school when his daughter Yanelly was born, and he has stated that he would have been compelled to give up his studies if his parents had not assisted him in caring for his daughter.

Shane continued by saying that Yanelly was “very close to them and would get so delighted when she got to stay at her nana’s house.”

He said this in reference to the close relationship that his daughter shared with her grandparents.

“She couldn’t get away from her grandmother’s hip.”

The family has started a crowd financing campaign in order to raise money for Yanelly’s funeral, and they have referred to her as “our little angel.”

According to the findings of a recent study, firearms are responsible for the deaths of roughly 1,300 children in the United States each year.


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