Thanks for everything you have!

How often do you thank God for the life you have? How often are you grateful to Him because you have a place to live, because you have something to eat and what to wear? How often do you realize how blessed you are? How often do you thank Him for your parents, for your siblings? How often do you thank Him that you are saved because of Him? I don’t thank him often enough, and I’m so sorry …


It’s enough to look around you to see how much you have. It is enough to care at least a little about the rest of the people to understand that there are people who have nowhere to sit, who rarely have a hot meal and who have only what other people can afford to offer them … They just have unwavering faith that God will help them and take care of them. And so they have more than we have.


Due to the fact that we have too many, we don’t really see how poor we are. From too much good of the body we forget the good of the soul. That’s why many times, even though we seem to have everything, we can’t find peace. We always want more, but we forget to give thanks for what we have. God really stands by us at all times, and for that we must be grateful to Him.


It is normal to thank God, because everything we have, we have at His permission. It’s not hard to thank him. He deserves it because He has borne our burden … and we often do things that make Him weep … and yet He helps us, lifts us up, and helps us move forward … and we we do not see this.


Thanks for everything you have! Thank you for every failure and every success. Thank you for every man who loves you and for every man who does not love you. Thank God he has patience and loves you so much. Thank Him that even if you were the only man on Earth, He would still have come to die for you!


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