Teen daughter’s hair is chopped off by the father after her mother permits highlights for her birthday.

Kelsey, a youngster from Ohio, turned 13. She asked her mother if she may get some blonde highlights as a way to celebrate.

Christin Johnson, Kelsey’s mother, enthusiastically concurred. After a day of pampering at the salon with her mother, Kelsey was happy with her long, newly highlighted hair.

Kelsey can be seen triumphantly grinning for the camera in a post-makeover picture that Christin shared on Facebook.

Then Christin dropped Kelsey off with her stepmother and father. However, Christin received the birthday girl back in a far different state than when she had left.

The shocked mother went back to Facebook to share a new batch of photos, but this time, the posts infuriated people all over the nation.

Many adolescent girls look forward to the day when they can get their hair highlighted for the first time.

For young women navigating adolescence and self-identity, a new look may be very empowering.

Christin Johnson is a mother who works from Ohio.

In January 2018, Christin’s daughter Kelsey became 13 years old.

Kelsey wanted a new style to mark the occasion of becoming a teenager.

In order to add some blonde highlights to her long, dark brown hair, she approached her mother for permission.

It appeared reasonable innocent.

Kelsey asked Christin to take her to the salon for her birthday, and she complied.

After her hair appointment, Kelsey was ecstatic and proudly displayed her brand-new head of highlights in front of the camera.

Kelsey was then dropped off by Christin to spend a few days with her stepmother and father.

But when she picked up her adolescent daughter, she found her in a very different state.

A wholly undesirable haircut had been given to Kelsey yet again.

Christin was horrified and posted the most recent images of Kelsey on her Facebook page with the alarming caption:

“This is how my daughter looked when I got her home on Sunday, and the other two pictures are of what happened today before she was brought to me—all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!”

Long, highlighted hair that had been on Kelsey had been abruptly cut off. She instead wore her hair in a short pixie cut with jagged sides.

According to reports, her stepmother and father had her hair chopped short for getting highlights. They explained to her that “actions have effects.”

Kelsey refused to expose her face in one of Christin’s images because she was so unhappy and ashamed.

Numerous readers are horrified by the father’s choice to chop Kelsey’s hair in an effort to punish and/or degrade her, as a result of Christin’s narrative, which has aroused widespread indignation.

Some people said Kelsey should get hair extensions, but Christin says she’s certain her dad would just chop them out.

Even while some readers believe there are always two sides to a story, it appears that things have changed because Kelsey’s father and stepmother are now having to deal with their own responsibilities.

Job and Family Services in Wood County have initiated an investigation. Additionally, it appears that the pair, who are both firefighters, have been suspended and placed on administrative leave.

In an effort to cheer Kelsey up, Christin took her to Lady Jane’s salon.

The kid was given the wig of her choosing by the generous personnel there.

“The ladies deserve praise for helping my baby feel more like herself.

We sincerely appreciate you, ladies!”

To think that Kelsey’s straightforward birthday desire deteriorated into such a sudden nightmare is upsetting.

It’s fantastic to see Kelsey’s smile returning.

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