Tales of Outrageous Encounters: Stories That Left Us Flabbergasted

Have you ever experienced something so uncomfortable that it left you feeling uneasy for days? We all encounter such moments, and boy, can they be quite unsettling!

When something feels off, many of us feel the urge to share it with others. As the old saying goes, “misery loves company,” and this notion certainly applies here. Below are 12 remarkable stories that were widely shared on social media, recounting bizarre and outrageous experiences. Perhaps you’ll find a story that resonates with your own experiences.

1. The Potent Potato Salad

We were hosting a barbecue party, and everyone contributed a dish. My brother’s new girlfriend brought a homemade potato salad. It had a slightly peculiar taste, yet it was quite tasty. However, the next day, everyone who had tasted it fell ill.

As I was tidying up, a terrible odor emerged from the kitchen trash. Digging through, I found packets of potato salad dressing at the bottom. They were expired, and the smell was revolting. Needless to say, I was both furious and disgusted.

2. The Bus Stop Surprise

At my regular bus stop, I often saw a well-dressed woman eating raw chicken that she had just bought from a nearby grocery store. This went on for months, and she seemed to commute to work like this. I never understood why she would eat raw chicken in the intense South Texas heat while waiting for the bus.

3. The Metro Mishap

On a metro ride one day, I witnessed a woman using her dreadlocks as a handkerchief. She appeared to do this frequently, judging by the crustiness and odor. It was a truly nauseating sight.

4. The Library Nail Clipper

At the university library, there was an old man with a long beard who often came to use the free Wi-Fi. While his loud laughter didn’t bother me much thanks to my headphones, one day he started clipping his dirty fingernails. One of them flew straight at me. I complained to the staff, and he was promptly asked to leave.

5. The Homeless Man’s Gift

Sitting on a park bench, a homeless man approached and silently placed a folded newspaper on my lap before disappearing. Out of curiosity, I opened it, only to find a repulsive, slimy mass inside that reeked of decay. It felt surreal, but I was unmistakably awake.

6. The Unsettling Encounter

When I was about 14, I was at a grocery store with my dad, completely engrossed in my phone. Unaware that he had turned into another aisle, I suddenly found myself next to a mom and her toddler. The daughter said she needed to sneeze, and to my disbelief, her mom got down on her hands and knees to let her sneeze directly into her mouth. They acted as if it was the most normal thing.

7. The Train Flosser

On a midday regional train, the person next to me took out floss and started cleaning their teeth, spraying food particles everywhere. They then cleaned their ears with a pinky finger and wiped the earwax on their pants. It was beyond gross.

8. The Food Court Incident

At a crowded food court during Christmas, a lady decided to change her baby’s diaper right on a table. Despite telling the custodial staff, they did nothing. Shockingly inconsiderate, to say the least.

9. The Hidden Stash

A homeless man arrived at the hospital with an abdominal abscess. As we cleaned his wound and assessed the damage, we discovered he had been hiding money inside the abscess to keep it from being stolen. It was both disturbing and unhygienic.

10. The Subway Gum Chewer

On the subway, a man picked something up from the floor right next to my foot. To my horror, he put it in his mouth and started chewing. It turned out to be an old and stepped-on piece of gum. Truly disgusting!

11. The Burger Nightmare

At a fast food joint, I eagerly unwrapped my burger, only to smell something foul from the kitchen. Ignoring it, I bit into the burger and found slimy tomatoes. As I was about to complain, a cockroach scurried out from under the bun. Completely lost my appetite!


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