Stop everything you do and read this. She lost her child due to a mistake she made on Facebook! Be very careful, parents

Everyone wants their child to be safe. All parents strive to protect their children from any danger that may be hidden around them. One of the most dangerous places is the internet, and more precisely social networks.

Social networks give us the opportunity to keep in touch with people around us. However, these social networks are often frequented by different types of people with not very good intentions.

One of these social networks is Facebook. Many people, especially children do not know how to protect themselves when connecting on such social networks and do not know what to follow and what to avoid.

It is also the case of a woman who lets her child surf Facebook without restrictions but without suspecting what risk she is exposed to.

One day, her little girl received a friend request from a stranger.

He accepted the friendship request without thinking that anything bad could happen. Even the profile picture of that person gave assurances that everything was fine.

The girl’s mother was quite excited that her daughter went to school and frequently posted messages on Facebook with her, even mentioning the name of the school she attends. But soon she will realize what a colossal mistake she made.

The Facebook user who was friends with the woman’s daughter and who apparently seemed harmless downloaded the image of the girl from Facebook and then uploaded it on a website along with the following words:

“American girl, only 6 years old! It costs $ 10,000! ”

No one has ever suspected that uploading a harmless image of your child and an image of the school where you study can lead to such a tragedy.

Everything changed one day when the woman went to school to pick up her daughter and found out she was not there. No one had seen her around. Her daughter was also abducted by that individual who had created a false identity on Facebook.

Although it seems shocking and inconceivable, this tragedy teaches us a lesson that parents should be careful about what they post on social networks and is related to personal data.

If you have pictures of your children or information about which schools they attend on your personal account, make sure you secure your account so that no strangers can see this information. Do not make friends with anyone you do not know, even if their image seems secure.

No parent would want pedophiles and molesters to download pictures with their children and use them for their own sick purposes. Share this article to find out as many people as possible.


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