Stay away from ‘friends’ who do any of these 10 things

Friendships make life better because we have people to share our times and lives with. However, the wrong ones can be destructive. Here are some red flags to watch out for in friendships:

1. Social media blasters

Fake friends take to the social networks and share private information about you. Whether it is good or bad news, they post about your life on social media without your permission. They also air out your fights and discussions instead of talking things through privately.

2. The social chameleon

They act differently depending on who they’re with. You may be so shocked to see how they act with their other friends, which is so different from how they are with you. This just means they are fake.

3. The users

If your friends constantly ask for favours but never reciprocate, it’s time to re-evaluate the friendship. They are only interested in your friendship for what you can offer, not for who you are.

4. Gossip lovers

If your friends are badmouthing others behind their backs, you can bet they’ll eventually do the same to you. Surround yourself with positive people who don’t spend all their time hating on other people.

5. Competitive spirit

Do you feel like you are in constant competition with your friends and they are always trying to outdo you? A healthy friendship is about celebrating each other’s successes, not trying to surpass each other.

6. Sad by your success

It hurts when good things happen to you, and they pull away. You can’t help but feel they’re not genuinely happy for you.

7. The backup plan

You don’t feel special or important; they only call you when their other options fall through. Real friends make time for you, no matter what.

8. The one-sided venter

They use you as an unpaid therapist but never show any interest in your life. A good friendship goes both ways.

9. The “always busy” friend

They barely call or text under the guise of “I’m busy.” Yes, adulthood is tough but people make time for the ones they value.

10. They never acknowledge your support

No matter what you do for them, it’s never enough. You consistently show up for them, but they never seem to recognise your efforts. Great friends appreciate and reciprocate the support they receive.


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