Sometimes, in order to evolve, you have to go back to where you came from

It is not easy to be a man who follows God. Every day you have to stay away from hatred, malice, sin, quarrel, envy, things we were born with, but which are of no use to us, they even burden our souls and urge us to we persist in mistakes, not trying to correct them.


Maybe your life has reached a point that you consider very far away. Maybe you managed to do something that seems extraordinary to you. Maybe you take all the credit for what you did, because you know how hard you worked, you know how hard you worked. You may have forgotten that God is the One who stood by you every second.


If you think your life is okay without having God in it, I say think about whether your very life is possible without Him. Do you really think that you alone have done something to deserve the love, intelligence, creativity, devotion, charisma that you admire so much about yourself? You received them all as a gift from God. Absolutely everything. And do you feel that you were with something more special than others? No way. You received them because God loves you. He loves us all without us deserving His love. He is the only one who is by our side every second, who is ready to work in our lives and lead us on the written path to us. All we have to do is allow Him to enter our hearts.


To truly evolve in your life you need to be aware of whether the place you have reached is far away or is actually far from God. If you are far from God, the evolution is a little different. Think of an arithmetic equation that you started wrong. The more you immerse yourself in the calculations, the more you will move away from the correct result. In this case, in order to solve the equation as quickly as possible, you have to stop and go back to the beginning, to start it correctly. You have to do exactly the same thing with your life.


Evolution often happens if you come back. And it is not shameful to put aside all that is not good in your life in order to start a new life, in which to give God the place he deserves.


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