Sissy Spacek Spends 73rd Birthday with Spouse of 50 Years: They Sold Posh Home, Moved to Farm & Are Happy Now

Sissy Spacek, the renowned singer and actress, celebrated her 73rd birthday with her husband of 50 years, Jack Fisk. Rather than living in the fast-paced city, they made the decision to move to a peaceful farm and have never looked back.

Sissy and Jack have created a beautiful life on their farm, which includes a renovated barn-turned-studio where Sissy can indulge in her love for painting and recording music. She admires Jack’s incredible artistic talent and has learned so much from him.

Both Sissy and Jack credit their strong connection and understanding for their success in both their personal and professional lives. They support and encourage each other to pursue their passions, which has led to a fulfilling and vibrant relationship even after 50 years of marriage.

Despite the passing of time, Sissy is grateful to still have such a lively relationship in her 70th year. She cherishes the simple joys of sitting on her porch, enjoying the scenic view, and tending to her garden. Her artistic flair extends to her green oasis, which she takes pride in maintaining.

Sissy also appreciates her husband’s sense of humor, which she describes as “so good it’s bad.” Laughter and companionship have been a constant source of happiness in their lives.

As Sissy approaches her 73rd birthday, she reflects on how her relationship with her daughters has evolved. Now, their roles have reversed, and her children take care of her. She appreciates their support, especially during travels where they lead the way through busy airports. Sissy is proud that her eldest daughter inherited her singing talent, while her youngest daughter follows in her father’s footsteps as a visual artist.

The decision to leave their glamorous city life behind and move to a farm in Virginia was the best choice for Sissy, Jack, and their family. They desired a more grounded and normal life, allowing their children to experience the joys of a rural upbringing.

Living on the farm has provided Sissy’s children with the freedom to play outside, get their hands dirty, and make mistakes without the pressures of the media. It has also given Sissy and Jack the opportunity to spend quality time together and deepen their bond.

Sissy and Jack’s love story started on the set of “Badlands” in 1972. They were initially skeptical about the idea of marriage, so much so that they kept only $30 in their bank account, the cost of a divorce. However, their love grew stronger over time, and they cannot imagine life without each other. Sissy humorously remarks that it would take something as dramatic as death to separate them now.

At 73 years old, Sissy Spacek continues to inspire us with her enduring love, successful career, and the contentment she has found on her farm. Her story serves as a reminder that true happiness can be found when we prioritize our relationships and create a life that aligns with our values. And for Sissy, the decision to trade the bright lights of Hollywood for the peacefulness of farm life has been truly rewarding.


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