She sent her little girl to bed after lunch

After having a difficult time rousing her little daughter from a nap in a heated bedroom, a mother has issued a stark warning to other parents about the dangers of letting children sleep there.

According to Jennifer Abma, it was “the scariest moment I’ve had to imagine.” [Citation needed] “when she discovered that her young daughter was showing signs of having severe heatstroke.

The mother snapped a picture of her daughter Anastasia while she was suffering from irritated and moist skin, and she uploaded it to Facebook along with a warning to others.

After attempting to rouse the child for the previous twenty minutes in her room, she was ultimately forced to phone the authorities because she was unable to do so.

She penned the following: “Anastasia decided to take a nap. I had no idea how hot her bedroom was until I tried to wake her up and found that I was unable to do so for a period of fifteen minutes while she was drenched in perspiration and her face was red.

“It took us twenty minutes to get her up, and when the ambulance arrived, the paramedics brought investigators along with them because they weren’t sure what to expect.

Jennifer explained that her kid had not been exposed to sunlight and continued, “[The] ambulance arrived faster than I could have ever imagined, and they took her sugars, which were 1.2 when they should have been above 4.”

They gave her sucrose, and within minutes she began sobbing, demonstrating that she was definitely terrified.

She responded, “No, it is not my responsibility that this occurred to her; nonetheless, it is hard to not blame yourself in situations like these.”

“This is a lesson that has been learned, and I hope that other parents can take something away from this and make sure that you are checking the rooms in your house because they can be just as deadly as a hot automobile.”

“Still, the experience has left me shaken, and I shudder to think about what would have transpired if I hadn’t gone to check on her. Yesterday, we most certainly had God on our side, and I am eternally grateful to the emergency services and to Jay, who came as quickly as they could to protect me from falling apart.”

Since it was first published at the beginning of this month, the piece has been forwarded more than 46,000 times and has been met with more than 11,000 responses.


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