She implored the doctors to assist her.

A mother of five passed away from cervical cancer at the young age of 34 after being misdiagnosed with constipation several times and given laxatives to take home.

In November 2021, Louise Gray visited her doctor, complaining of pain and gastrointestinal issues.

Despite receiving treatment for cervical cancer in April of that year, the single mother was given laxatives to use at home.

The call center employee pleaded with doctors to check her for cancer for months, but according to her family, no tests were performed.

Louise’s mother was compelled to dial 911 when Louise passed out at her house in the British village of Peterlee in late September.

She received two blood transfusions at the hospital after being transferred there.

She had cervical cancer, which had spread to her liver, colon, pelvic, and lymph nodes, according to tests.

Only a few weeks following her official diagnosis, Louise passed away on November 3.

Given that cancer runs in her family, her distressed family is now demanding explanations and wants to know why the disease was ruled out.

“After her first procedure, she developed sepsis and started to get infection after infection,” said her aunt Judith Spence, 51.

“Louise went back to the physicians and told them that because her digestive issues had persisted, she felt she might have bowel cancer.

She was given laxatives and told by the doctor that she was acting ridiculously and that she had piles.

She was given even stronger laxatives when her digestive issues persisted.

We believed she would pass away, said Judith.

“Everything about this circumstance has been terrible.

“It went from one thing to another so quickly.”

Louise had surgery to have a portion of her uterus removed after being diagnosed with cervical cancer for the first time.

Louise developed sepsis as a result of the surgeons’ nicking of her colon during the procedure.

Her health declined after the surgery, and according to her family, she saw her doctor frequently.

She was instructed to visit the doctors again following her initial surgery, according to Judith.

But she was terrified to return after developing sepsis twice and was concerned that they would make matters worse.

“I’m upset about the laxative diagnosis and therapy that was done too late. Her entire family is furious.

We were aware of her cervical carcinoma. We carry a gene in our family and have a history of cancer in our family.

“The doctors just didn’t care that we have a history of cancer.”

Hayden, 16, Morgan, 13, Coby-Jay, 5, and twin boys Cole and Caleb, 3, were the children Louise left behind.

Judith said, “Her two elder children are pretty traumatized.”

“They observed their mother moving so quickly. She was in excruciating pain as the weight began to leave her.

“Towards the end, she was yelling out in pain continually, and the kids observed this.”

Because she would “hate for this to happen to someone else,” Judith says she wants to spread awareness.

She said, “You need to keep pushing if the physicians aren’t listening to you.

“Bubbly, fun-loving, clever” was how the adoring aunt described her niece.

She enjoyed placing hundreds of shimmering resin “stones” to a medium, like canvas, to create her “diamond artwork with family images,” Judith recalled.

She was working on a picture of all the kids together, but she was never able to finish it.

Her mother is determined to see this through to the end.


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