She couldn’t afford to buy her 3-year-old daughter a pool.

The necessity for something led to the development of many outstanding inventions throughout history. When the human mind is motivated to achieve a goal, it is capable of producing extraordinary results.

A mother from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, expressed interest in purchasing a swimming pool for her daughter, who was then three years old.

It would appear that one of the most recent trends in unique do-it-yourself pools is the usage of stock tanks. Stock tanks are large steel tanks that are typically used on farms to house cattle.

Olivia Kendall explained to CBC News that they were out of her price range, so she came up with the ingenious idea of making use of an older speedboat instead.

She located the vintage Chestnut Canoe Company model from the 1970s on Facebook Marketplace. The canoe was from the era. To transform it into a pool would require quite a bit of labor and cost a little more than $200 (or $300 CAD), but it was rather inexpensive.

This one-of-a-kind creation was finished up after around a month’s worth of effort. Olivia was required to install a waterfall attachment, which directs the water that has been filtered back into the pool, cover the boat’s deck with a pool liner, and drill holes in the hull of the boat in order to accommodate the pool hoses.

In order to keep expenditures to a minimum, basic equipment such as the pool pump, the sand filter, and a chlorinator that creates chlorine gas from water-dissolved salt were all purchased used.

The additional benefit was that all of the dealers that Olivia communicated with provided Olivia with worthwhile recommendations.

The old motor boat now has a nice umbrella, a storage container for drinks, and will soon also have some lights installed. This is the last but not the least update.

It’s possible that some people will think it’s unfortunate that a classic yacht will never sail the seas again, but nobody can dispute that this peculiar do-it-yourself effort is brilliant and may even serve as motivation for other people.

In the late 1890s, members of the Chestnut family in Fredericton, New Brunswick, established what would later become the Chestnut Canoe Company.

This enterprise would remain in operation until 1979. As was the case with this specific motor boat in Nova Scotia, some of the company’s last versions of motor boats can still be found and given a second chance at life.


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