Shania Twain struggled for over a decade

Shania Twain is a talented musician who has given the world some of the most memorable songs of all time. However, there was a time when the diva was terrified that she might never be able to play again.

The 56-year-old singer revealed out about her illness in the documentary titled Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl. She explained that in 2003, she was riding her house when a tick bit her, which resulted in her developing Lyme disease.

“The tick was infected with Lyme’s Disease, and I did have Lyme’s Disease,” Shania explained, “and my symptoms were pretty alarming.”

“When I went up on stage, I felt like I was going to pass out, I couldn’t keep my balance, and I was terrified that I was going to tumble off the stage.”

She claimed that she endured millisecond blackouts every 30 seconds, and while she was recovering from these troubles, she worried that her voice would never be the same again. The singer who is most known for her song “Come On Over”

“It suddenly began to flanger in an odd manner, and there was no longer any control over the airflow. I didn’t get it. I was terrified that I had lost my voice for good and that I would never sing again in my life.”

She explained, “I realized that if I could get my vice into a certain area, with a lot of effort, it would persist for at least long enough to do a beautiful voice.” “I learnt that if I could get my vice into a certain spot, with a lot of work.”

In the past, Shania has been quoted as saying that the “debilitating” condition caused her to feel melancholy and sad.

“In addition to this, I had the impression that I would never release another record, which was probably the truth. It was a terrible event. I felt a deep sense of loss because of that. It did make me feel depressed, and I had to fight against it every day “she shared with The Sun.

“It was quite discouraging, and I was really upset about it, but I still had my writing, and my writing is really my first love above everything else. Despite the fact that it made me sad, I kept working on it. I was just planning on being a writer, not a performer at any point, “Additionally, she said.

Shania eventually got her voice to a level where she felt comfortable enough to sing again, and after ten years, she returned to the stage and signed up to undertake a residency in Las Vegas in the year 2012.


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