Shania Twain is concerned about her health following a hard fall; the terrible illness may return.

Shania Twain, the country music queen, is allegedly anxious about her health following a traumatic on-stage tumble lately, as the artist fears her awful Lyme disease symptoms will return.

Shania Twain, a recognized music industry star, was hospitalized earlier this month after collapsing during a stop on her 76-city concert tour in Chicago.

According to Radar Online, the event has aroused concerns among the Canadian singer’s friends and fans that she may still be suffering from the crippling symptoms of Lyme illness.

Despite the excruciating fall, Shania – well known for her groundbreaking hit Man! I Feel Like a Woman! – showed extraordinary resilience in returning to finish the act. According to those close to her, the fall served as a heartbreaking reminder that her 20-year battle with the tick-borne illness is likely far from ended.

The singer’s battle with Lyme disease began in 2003 when she was bitten by a tick while horseback riding. The illness severely impacted her health, which caused nerve damage in her vocal chords, episodes of transient memory loss, and left her unstable on her feet.

In her Netflix documentary Not Just a Girl, the Hollywood Walk of Famer remembered experiencing debilitating symptoms before receiving a thorough diagnosis. “I was losing my footing. “I was afraid I’d fall off the stage,” she added, adding that determining the cause of the symptoms was a difficult road.

Shania chose to take a break from music during her health problems, undergoing throat surgery and started on the difficult task of relearning how to sing.

“It’s scary for her to think these horrible symptoms she’s suffered are returning now,” a close friend told Radar Online.

Lyme disease, recognized for its complexity, continues to confound medical specialists, as it infiltrates many body tissues, including the muscles, brain, and even the vocal cords. According to a Forbes study on the ailment, antibiotics can provide temporary relief, but many patients experience severe symptoms months or even years after treatment.

Shania’s Netflix documentary continued to shed light on the terrible impact Lyme disease has had on her life. She expressed real concern that the condition would permanently harm her voice, threatening her musical career.

“My voice was never the same again,” she confessed. “I thought I’d never be able to speak again.” “I thought that was it, and I’d never sing again.”

The long-term Swiss resident was forced to undergo open-throat surgery, an arduous process to restore her vocal powers. The successful procedure was a watershed moment in her recuperation, paving the door for her eventual return to the stage in 2017.

As determined as ever, Shania hasn’t let her sickness deter her from performing what she does best. Once her Las Vegas residency concludes in September 2022, she will embark on her much-awaited concert tour in April.

As she continues her tour, Shania Twain’s journey is a striking reminder that she is an artist who refuses to let circumstances define her.


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