Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki: An Unbreakable Bond

Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki have worked together, dated, and remained close friends. Discover how their friendship developed and how he supported her after she revealed her sexuality.

Gilbert and Galecki have been friends for a long time and may be described as friendship goals given their closeness.

They met while playing lovebirds. Darlene Conner and David Healy were on the original run of the hit program “Roseanne.” Their portrayal as lovebirds on the show brought them closer together.

Since then, they have been in a number of popular television shows. For example, Galecki played Dr. Leonard Hofstadter on “The Big Bang Theory” and served as an executive producer on “Living Biblically.”

Meanwhile, Gilbert launched the daytime talk show “The Talk” and has appeared in a number of television shows, including “The Big Bang Theory” and “Living Biblically,” where she reconnected with Galecki.

Learn more about the former co-stars, their connection, and how their friendship developed into what it is now.

Sara Gilbert’s Career Rise

Gilbert was born on January 29, 1975, to Jewish parents Barbara Cowan and Harold Abeles. She has four elder half-siblings, including Melissa Gilbert and Jonathan Gilbert, who both work in entertainment and appeared on “Little House on the Prairie.”

Gilbert, influenced by her siblings, aspired to be an actor. As a child, she acted in television films such as “Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang,” “Runaway Ralph,” and “Poison Ivy” in 1982, 1988, and 1992, respectively.

She was cast as Darlene Conner in “Roseanne” when she was 13 years old, and she starred in the show for the entire nine seasons. She appeared on the show with Galecki.

Gilbert and Galecki’s characters were boyfriend and girlfriend before marrying on “Roseanne.” As a result, they bonded and became friends.

They eventually began dating, and Gilbert discussed her relationship with Galecki on a September 2013 edition of “The Talk.” She told Us Weekly:

“So, some of you may know that when I was a teenager, I dated Johnny Galecki for a little while, who played my boyfriend and husband on Roseanne.”

Gilbert claimed she felt Galecki was incredibly cute and admitted to having a crush on him, and then their romance began.

Gilbert revealed on “The Talk” that once she and Galecki began dating, they would make out everytime he came over. However, she would become depressed thereafter.

Gilbert was quite upset by Galecki’s gloomy feelings after making out with him, and he began to take it personally despite the fact that he had no idea what was going on. Gilbert found she was lesbian and eventually told Galecki about it. She reveals:

“So I eventually told him that I thought it was about my sexuality and he was super sweet about it.”

Gilbert must have anticipated the worst after telling Galecki about her sexuality, yet he was surprisingly accepting.

The actress said that she trusted Galecki with her secret and that he never deceived her by revealing it, despite her fears about the retribution she would face if she did.

Gilbert added that Galecki’s support for her has remained consistent since then. She informed him of her intention to explore her sexuality and his relationship to it on “The Talk.” She reveals:

“I called him and simply asked, ‘Is it okay — I’m thinking of talking about this. The story sort of begins with you. And I have to admit that I made out with you and became depressed, which is kind of a bummer.

Galecki had no objections to Gilbert discussing the situation on “The Talk” and even offered to accompany her. She characterized Galecki’s support as lovely and concluded that her article portrayed him well. Gilbert reveals:

“He responded, ‘Of course. I adore you, I believe it is really important, and I am very proud of you. If you desire, I will be there to hold your hand.”

Gilbert publicly came out as a lesbian in July 2010, before the premiere of her talk show, “The Talk.” She had previously avoided addressing her sexuality in public, despite the fact that many people were aware of it.

In 2001, she became involved with TV producer Ali Adler. Gilbert and Adler have two children: son Levi Hank, born to Adler, and daughter Sawyer Jane, born to Gilbert.

Gilbert and Adler divorced in 2011, but they stated they still loved each other. Gilbert revealed during an episode of “The Talk” in November 2011 that she was dating Linda Perry, former 4 Non-Blondes lead singer.

Gilbert and Perry married in March 2014 in a small wedding in Malibu, California, after becoming engaged in 2013. The wedding was attended by a large number of the couple’s friends and relatives, and there was plenty of music.

Gilbert became a mother of three on February 28, 2015, when she gave birth to Rhodes Emilio, her and Perry’s first baby.

Gilbert is a devoted mother and family woman who stated in 2019 that she was leaving “The Talk” to focus on her family and other professional opportunities.

Gilbert filed for legal separation from Perry on December 27, 2019, five years after they married. Their divorce was finalized in October 2019, two years after they separated.

Gilbert has seen many changes in her life, but one thing has stayed constant: her friendship with Galecki. The former co-stars have a fantastic friendship and even have many cute nicknames for each other to show how close they are.

Gilbert and Galecki are ultimate BFF goals since their friendship has lasted so long and they continue to support each other in their careers and personal challenges.

They are each other’s strongest supporters and have had countless wonderful experiences throughout the years. Furthermore, they have unexplainable chemistry that even lovers would marvel at.

Gilbert and Galecki’s unusual bond is wonderful to witness. One can only hope that they continue to support one other and grow professionally and personally.


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