Rich widow passed away, and all her money did not reach her family or friends!

This is the story of a woman named Ellen Frey-Wouters who managed to shock the whole world with an amazing gesture.

The woman was rich and managed to raise a large sum of money, $ 300,000. At the age of 88, she died, and left behind a will in which it was written to whom she left her money and assets.

No one could believe it when they found out that the woman had left the entire inheritance to her two cats, Troy and Tiger.

Her only child died when she was young, and her husband also died in 1989. Ellen had some relatives I was not very close to, but who needed money because they did not have a good financial situation.

The woman’s caregiver, Dahlia Grizzle, is the only one who has not been humiliated by the woman’s gesture and is now left to take care of the cats.

She said: “These two cats were like her children, she loved them very much and she did everything for them. They deserve to live a good life because they are extraordinary cats who suffered long after the death of their owner. ”

Tiger was rescued from the street by Ellen when he was just a small, helpless kitten, and now he sleeps in a very expensive bed with silk sheets and eats only expensive food and specialties cooked especially for him.

Everyone is wondering now what will happen after the cats die? The remaining money will go to Ellen’s sister, who is the only close relative in the woman’s life.

Below are some pictures of the two lucky cats who are now living a very good life.

Strange as it may seem, this is not the only case of this kind. A millionaire woman from New York, Leona Helmsley was famous for the very ugly way she treated her employees. After her death, the entire fortune was left to her dog.

What do you think about the woman’s decision to leave the entire fortune to pets? Would you do the same if you were in her situation?


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