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Rescue dog with rough past sleeps with his new bowl every single night

When dog mom Suzanne came across a picture of Jack Russell mix, Neville she instantly fell in love. Already a rescue dog owner, she had been browsing her local rescue centers website simply out of curiosity.

Nevertheless, she soon found herself in a three-hour-long line at the center to register interest in adopting the pup.

“He was 10 years old and I knew instantly that I loved him!” Susanne told The Dodo. “I queued for three hours outside the center to ensure I was the first to register my interest, and we bonded the moment we clapped eyes on each other.”

In no time at all, the precious pooch finally had a place to call home yet, despite all the joy and excitement of the new chapter they were starting together, adjusting to life at his new forever home wasn’t easy for poor Nev.
The pup who is now 12, had spent a considerable amount of time living on the streets and then at shelters and was naturally struggling to settle. It is believed he’d been used for breeding and had clearly been treated quite badly.

At first, he used to compete for food and tried to feed directly from the floor or from my other dog’s bowl. Unfazed and committed Suzanne decided to train Nev how to eat out of a bowl.

“I had to train him to eat from a bowl, and once he caught on to it, he treasured that bowl,” she added.

The clever pup soon caught on and all was finally well at mealtimes!
Interestingly, however, Neville started to develop an unusual fondness for his bowl, it became his most prized possession and had begun taking it everywhere with him, even sleeping in it when he went to bed.

Two years on and Neville is still attached to his bowl. When asked why she thinks Neville developed the fixation, Suzanne explains

“I think he just never had one of his own and now realizes he finally has one and is guaranteed a reliable source of decent, nutritious food. He just seems so heartbreakingly grateful for a simple bowl. I think it represents comfort and home for him.”

Neville is clearly a dog with a bone on this one, but after such a rough start to life, it only right he spends he latter years doing exactly what makes him happy and if sleeping in his food bowl puts a smile on his face, we here at Woof Woof are all for it!

Neville has been a constant source of delight for Susanne, and she hopes his story might inspire others to adopt a senior dog.

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