Remembering Judy Farrell: A Heartbreaking Loss for MAS*H Fans

The death of Judy Farrell, known for her role as Nurse Able on the popular show “MAS*H,” has left fans devastated. This news hits us hard, as we often form deep connections with the celebrities we admire, feeling their loss just as profoundly as that of someone we knew personally.

Judy Farrell joined the cast of “MAS*H” and portrayed Nurse Able in eight episodes, captivating audiences alongside the talented ensemble of actors such as Alan Alda, Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr, and Gary Burghoff. Her on-screen husband, Captain B.J. Hunnicutt, was played by her real-life husband, Mike Farrell, during seasons 4-11.

Although their characters were not a couple on the show (B.J. was married to Peg, played by Catherine Bergstrom), their real-life marriage was cleverly incorporated into the episode titled “The Colonel’s Horse,” where Peg is said to hail from the same small Oklahoma town as Judy. The show had a way of blurring the lines between fiction and reality, making it even more endearing to fans.

The bond among the cast members of “MAS*H” extended beyond the screen. Loretta Swit, who played Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan, shared her heartfelt grief upon hearing the news of Judy’s passing. She described her as a beautiful woman inside and out, emphasizing their lifelong friendship. These words remind us of the beauty of Judy’s spirit, which will always remain with us. Rest in peace, Nurse Able.

“Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” the series finale of “MAS*H,” marked Judy Farrell’s final appearance as Nurse Able, a role that multiple actors had previously played. As we bid farewell to this beloved character, we also say goodbye to an extraordinary actress who left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Judy’s journey in the entertainment industry began alongside her ex-husband Mike at the Laguna Playhouse, where they both nurtured their passion for acting. After divorce, Judy married actor Joe Bratcher, known for his roles in “The Howling” and “Taking Care of Business.” Throughout her career, she showcased her talent in various TV shows and films, including “Get Smart,” “Quincy, M.E.,” and “General Hospital: Port Charles.”

Judy Farrell’s legacy lives on through her children, Erin and Mike, who inherited their parents’ love for the film industry. Erin, now a renowned costume designer in Hollywood, has contributed to numerous films, showcasing her creativity and skill. Mike, born in 1970, also ventured into acting, making appearances in several movies during the 1980s.

The news of Judy’s passing leaves us deeply saddened. Our thoughts go out to her family, friends, and loved ones, who are navigating through this profound loss. Let us come together as fans of “MAS*H” to honor Judy Farrell’s memory and offer our respects for the incredible talent she brought to the screen.

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