Prince William’s response to Prince Harry after Kate message was not ‘warm’ or ‘informal’ claims expert

Once close brothers, Prince William and Prince Harry now find themselves estranged due to the recent events surrounding Harry and Meghan’s exit from their royal duties and their public accusations about the royal family.

The extent of the damage to their relationship is unclear, but one thing is certain: there is still a strong sense of anger between them, and it seems unlikely that their broken bond will be repaired anytime soon.

Unfortunately, the royal family is facing more challenges at this time. Both the King himself and Catherine, the Princess of Wales, are battling cancer. After enduring rumors and speculation about her health, Kate decided to address the situation and provide the truth.

In a heartfelt video released on Friday, Kate revealed that she had undergone major abdominal surgery, initially believed to be non-cancerous. However, further tests revealed the presence of cancer, leading to the recommendation of preventative chemotherapy.

This news was met with an outpouring of support from the public, as well as from her family and friends, including Harry and Meghan. While the Sussexes issued a formal statement expressing sympathy, it has been reported that their private message to William and Kate lacked the warmth and informality one would expect from brothers who have been through so much together. The deep-seated ill-feeling between the brothers made it impossible for their communication to be anything but distant.

The contents of Harry’s message to William and Kate may never be made public. There are conflicting reports on when and how Harry and Meghan learned about Kate’s cancer diagnosis. Some believe they were informed prior to Kate’s public video, while others think they found out at the same time as the rest of the world.

In the face of these challenging times for the British royalty, it is our hope that the brothers will find a way to reconcile and set aside their differences. As a community, let us come together to support them during this difficult period.

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