Prince William’s Childhood Memories of Princess Diana

Prince William recently shared a heartwarming family moment from his childhood involving his mother, Princess Diana. To ease the back-to-school anxieties, Princess Diana would play upbeat 80s music in the car. This created a comforting and joyful atmosphere for William and his brother, Harry.

One song in particular, Tina Turner’s “The Best,” holds a special place in William’s heart. He recalls sitting in the backseat singing along with his mother at the top of her voice. Even the police officer who occasionally rode with them would join in the singing. The music would continue all the way to the school gates, creating a wonderful family moment.

Listening to “The Best” now instantly transports Prince William back to those car rides and brings back cherished memories of his mother.

Princess Diana Would Sing This 80s Song In The Car With Sons William And Harry To Ease Back-To-School Anxieties

Prince William also shared his own morning routine with his family, which also involves music. Every morning, his children, Charlotte and George, have a playful rivalry over choosing the morning song. To keep things fair, William takes turns allowing each of them to pick the song. It’s a lively and joyful start to the day as they dance, sing, and enjoy each other’s company.


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