People are praising Sharon Osbourne’s significant weight loss, which she flaunts.

The television star Sharon Osbourne is accustomed to making headlines, and this week she was drawing notice for her new barely-there physique.

The 70-year-old was recently photographed while on a Beverly Hills shopping spree, displaying her recent weight loss, which she has previously claimed was caused by some highly contentious weight loss injections.

After losing 30 pounds, Sharon did acknowledge that the Wegovy injections, the brand name for the semaglutide medication that suppresses appetite, had unpleasant side effects and made her feel “very sick.”

When Sharon, who is no longer receiving the injections, indulged in retail therapy at Estefano Ricci before going to Nate’n Al’s for a meal, she flaunted her trim body.

The former X Factor judge wore a laid-back ensemble that included a black straight-leg pant and a tailored white button-down shirt. She accessorized with a large Loewe shoulder bag, a chic hat, and sunglasses to protect herself from the sun.

Her presence comes following a candid conversation about the negative consequences she experienced after utilizing the contentious weight loss injections. Her former co-host Daisy McAndrew clarified on The Talk in May that losing weight requires more than increasing activity.

Many people’s metabolisms don’t function that way, Daisy added.

According to Page Six, Sharon concurred: “It doesn’t. It is a psychological issue. It truly is, except, you know, when kids grow up in a home where they only eat pies and chips. But I seized it. Although there is never a quick fix, I lost 30 pounds while taking it for four months.

She continued, disclosing her troubles with her health: “I was quite sick for a few months. I felt sick the first few months. Every day I experienced nausea and stomach discomfort.

But listen, I took it for four months, and I shed 30 pounds, she said. I ate two chips when we were on break, and even though I now eat usually, I haven’t gained any weight. Nothing.”

According to The Daily Mail, Sharon’s comments coincided with news that the UK introduction of WeGovy, the weight reduction injections, had been temporarily postponed because of worries over excessive demand. Patients were initially required to self-administer the medication once a week with a pen. The medicine suppresses hunger by causing a sense of fullness and pleasure.

Some fans weren’t as persuaded by Sharon’s weight loss, posting on social media that the celebrity looked “awful” and “sick” and had lost all recognition.

Under a paparazzi photo of the celebrity, someone said, “Good grief, I wouldn’t [have] recognized her. Dreadful!”

After getting a lap band to help her lose weight in 2014, Sharon said she felt like a “cheat.” She ultimately lost 100 pounds, but her main concern was the procedure’s long-term adverse effects.

You feel like throwing up the entire time. Nothing decreases because everything ends, she told ET.

To preserve her appearance, Sharon eventually had the band removed in 2006 and reverted to a traditional diet and workout routine.


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