One of the smallest babies in the world was born!

A difficult mission for the doctors from Botoşani Maternity Hospital, where, on Sunday, a premature baby weighing 720 grams was born. The baby boy was born after only 24 weeks of pregnancy.

The baby weighing only 720 grams, born on Sunday, was classified as extremely premature.

The baby boy was born at 24 weeks, so small that one hand was the thickness of an adult’s finger.

It was first stabilized, after which the baby was transferred to another maternity hospital, a higher-ranking unit.

Premature baby weighing only 720 grams

The transport was done by an ambulance, the little boy being thus taken into the care of neonatologists.

According to specialist doctors, there are many cases in which pregnant women come to the doctor only when they give birth, so the risk of troubled births or premature babies increases greatly.

The youngest baby born at this maternity weighed 580 grams.

At the other extreme, the child who weighed him the most was born in July 2008 and weighed just over 6 kilograms.


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