One day Little Johnny asks his father

One day, little Johnny, with his curious mind, approached his father with a question:

“Dad, why do grown-ups like to exercise in bed?”

In the midst of preparing dinner, Johnny’s mother overheard his question and couldn’t help but listen intently to how her husband would respond.

Father, with a calm demeanor, replied, “It makes grown-ups happy, son.”

Curiously, Johnny asked, “I want to be happy too.”

The father, smiling, said, “You’ll have to wait until you’re a grown-up for that.”

Johnny, not fully understanding, asked, “But who will exercise with me when I grow up?”

With a hopeful tone, the father replied, “Hopefully, when you get married, it will be your wife.”

Then Johnny, with an innocent perplexity, questioned, “But dad, how come our neighbor Sally exercises with you?”

At that moment, Johnny’s mother rushed out of the kitchen in a flurry, and within 10 minutes, an ambulance had arrived.


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