No clothes make a man! What about her absence?

When a woman realizes that her beauty becomes much more interesting and vivid when she hides under the right clothes, the world will become a much better place for both them and men. Why? Because they got used to undressing a woman, and all with her help.


I think the earth has turned into a continuous race between women, making them more and more eager to give up cloths in order to attract as many glances as possible from the representatives of the hard sex … that we just have to be open-minded, not to judge man by the way he dresses, right? And yet, what to judge when you don’t see much clothing anymore. It is painful to see how many of us turn our bodies into simple products that we would gladly offer to anyone who shows interest. And for what? For one night? For presents? To confirm that they are beautiful and that they can attract someone? Deserve?


The fact that we build our trust on the basis of people will bring us down as soon as it moves away from us. Femininity is becoming more and more vulgar for this reason. We do not know how to appreciate the clean connections we can create if we choose to seek peace with a human being. What we are inside comes out easily, and if it is not God who is in us, you will go from bad to worse … and God help us to realize this before it is too late.


Clothes don’t make a man … but missing them hurts. It hurts because everything that is holy went on the water on Saturday. It hurts because women fight in cleavage and short skirts to gain a worthless supremacy. The vulgarity and willingness to give yourself make you a lady and make you known in society. And all this for what do we do them? That for God for sure not … and where there is no God, there is another hand that guides you.


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