Nicolas Cage’s Son Accused of Assaulting his Mother – Shocking Pictures Show the Damage

A recent incident involving Nicolas Cage’s son, Weston Cage, has sparked an investigation by the LAPD. Weston is being accused of assaulting his mother, Christina Fulton, and the evidence is quite shocking. Let’s delve into the details of this distressing situation.

It appears that pictures of Christina Fulton’s injuries have surfaced, highlighting the seriousness of the situation. The alleged incident took place at Fulton’s Los Angeles home on Sunday evening. Weston has been named as a suspect in the battery of his mother.

According to reports, a verbal dispute between Weston and his mother escalated into a physical assault. Although an ambulance was called to the scene, no one was taken to the hospital. Law enforcement is now investigating the incident, and there is a possibility of Weston facing a felony battery charge.

Sources close to Fulton have mentioned that she was called to assist her son, who was supposedly going through an “emotional moment.” However, Fulton has requested privacy and denied the existence of an argument.

Disturbing images of Christina Fulton have circulated, displaying a large bruise on her face. There is a dark red injury mark under her left eye, along with yellow discoloration on her forehead and cheek.

The relationship between Christina Fulton and Weston Cage seems to have been tumultuous. As of now, Weston has not provided an official statement regarding the incident.

The severity of this situation is undeniable, as it involves a well-known celebrity and an alleged act of violence within the family. We hope that all parties involved find a way to resolve their issues and seek the necessary support.

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